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Stars on Ice. Osaka January 2015
sochi, olympics
Daisuke and Akiko were regular skaters at SOI this time, not guest skaters, so they took part in group numbers. The Opening was Phapsody In Blue of Gershwin. Quite typical Buttle group number, with syncronized movements. The funniest part was lifts. The skaters did two, one is like a real pair skating lift, with the man's arm above his nead, carrying her when she is on the back with her head facing the ice. The second lift was a dance lift, rather easy one. Both lifts for ice dancers or pair skaters is not a big deal. Can't say the same about singles, especially about the first lift. I was quite surprised that Chan&Gordeeva did it rather well. Katya is a pair skater, so for her it was just a joke to do somethig like that, plus they surely had enough parctice. But what about Akiko. Can you see her doing that even if Dai said "I am fine with that"? Guess what. They disappeared behind the curtains before the lift part and reappeared again when it was over! Very Happy

Dai skated "Kissing you" today. What an emotional performance! Screamingly sharp movements, yet soft and gentle at the same time that go deep into you nerves making you ready to cry. It's probably the most mature program in Dai's career. I was so happy to see it again live. He did all jumps and elements clean. After having some glimpes in "2000days" I still choose to stay in denial and I refuse to even to try to acknowledge the idea that he might quite skating. No way. Actually he does look quite calm, maybe too calm.

In Finale "Shut up and Dance" Dai was again in pair with Akiko. He really wants to study dancing? Seriously? He skated better that ice dancers, more rhythmical and beautiful, like beating the felt music with all his body. And his body looked better than others' too in that tight shirt due to his better-shaped upper body lines. drunken


Christmas on Ice. Shin-Yokohama December 2014
sochi, olympics
Cristmas on ice
I attended the show on 22. Media is bullshitting everyone as usual. They focused all TV news on Mao but you won't find any Mao banner in the arena. You'll see thousands of D1SK towels, banners and other fan stuff. Probably that's why in news they don't show the audience. I hope Mao doesn't feel bad about it. It's not her fault that media treats Dai like that due to financial interests of JSF who are desperetaly trying to refocuse people's attention on their new milch cow from Dai who they cannot exploit anymore. Good luck with that. Wink

The show was so kind, pure, positive and full of love just like a Christmas show was supposed to be. Dai is in great shape, he landed all jumps with no mistake (3F, 3Z, 3T, 2A, no major jumps of course), once he had a very short exit but I think it was because otherwise he would crash the board of that tiny rink. His spins are fast and flexible, steps are energetic and dynamic. He looks very relaxed, happy, shining and calmly radiating. Champagne and fireplace.
In the opening he was wearing a red Stroll jacket, did 3F, a high Russian split jump and his combo spin. In the 1st part of the show all skaters did their EX. Dai skated Caravan. I didn't see the changes that Ostile mentioned. It was as funny, comedy-like, flirting with sending kisses to public as I saw in FrOI in summer. Yet it was a little softer in movements, less spiky. But I assume it is because Dai feels colder in winter than in August heat, not becuase he wanted to change the spirit of EX Very Happy . Did 3F, 3Z jump-wise.

The Act 2 was all about Christmas. Dai opened it with a short number White Christams in lyrical mood. He did 3F and skated with a lot of melting hands lines in very gentle and tender movements. He with Mao closed the show with their collaboration number. Oh god. That's a Disney fairy tale of two royalties, a prince and a princess, but not a couple, who are looking for their halves and sharing some thoughts with each other about that. Dai was in a tender light-blue shirt, the same one as he wore in Sochi gala, and white pants. Mao's dress is a very gentle light-pink color, it might look white on youtube but it is not. I was lucky to be in 1st row of that side of North super-arena where Dai&Mao approached the audience in Finale. Dai was like 50 cm right in front of me. He is as handsome as in photos if not better. Mao too! Some auntie behind me almost pushed me on the ice trying to greet Dai. If I didn't have a lot of PIW experience in situations like that, I probably would have ended up falling right on him. Not that I mind much but still. So I managed to keep the balance. cheers
My next favourite after Dai and Mao in the show was Morozov with his daughter. He was Santa and she was a kid waiting for Santa with a Christmas gift. They did 1A and two dance lifts, one was from I/K LO. The number itself was so humoristic, genki like down to earth dream!

As you know the video is not allowed, so I filmed only ikebanas in the lobby:

They were selling the latest WFS#67 which is not in general sale yet. What a gift for all Dai fans! The whole magazine is only about Dai, with photos, interviews with people who worked with him, etc. But I haven't read anything yet. Still keep looking. geek

I am off Tokyo for Christmas stuff. If someone attends the last show, please tell us if Kenji became 'Mao' this time. bounce

Merry Christmas, everyone! santa rendeer

Friends on Ice. Shin-Yokohama August 2014
sochi, olympics
Libertano was quite a challenge for Akiko. Sometimes she did less twizzles, less turns than Dai, missed some upper body movements, etc. It was difficulut for her to keep this Dai tempo and technique, but for whom it wouldn't be. Nevertheless the collaboration was very well-done. The hillarious joke in the last show where Dai started skating tango with ... Kenji was cool! Did he actually kiss Kenji or it was just a lip move? I was in the east side, couldn't see well. bounce

Btw, the collabortaion with Evan and Brian made me kind of sad. When you see them all together on the ice and can literally compare, you realize much clearer how messed up the judging system is, if SUCH skater is an Olympic champion and THIS one is not.

"Caravan" again proved that there is no music out there that Dai cannot play on the ice. This one had a combination of streches, steps, edge skills, changes of skating rhythm, hammer-put music accents. He did 3F (step out in the morning show), 3S. In the collaboration he did 3T, 2A. So many ikebanas, D!SK banners and amazing fan crowds. Dai looked overenergetic, genki, happy, like on adrenaline. Seeing today's pics in Kozuki Award ceremony, I suggest that he was celebrating his "last holiday weekend" before the time when he has to face the reality and make an important decision.

On the platform I bumped into Nagamitsu-sensei. I thanked her fo coaching Dai for so many years, said that Dai looked super happy today, she laughed! I asked her what now, she said Dai will be thinking. Wink

Prince Ice World. Tokyo July 2014
sochi, olympics
I attended both shows on the opening day July 18th. The PIW corps de ballet is at their best as usual, with Kobayashi as Team Spirit Leader, Ota as a true beauty on the ice with her killer layback spin  and Takeshi as a real representative of Man figure skating. He skated Talking to the Moon both times, did high 3T, 3S (2S in the first show), eagle, spins, powerful presentation.
Where was Nanri?

All guys did really well. Tatsusi skated his EX "in a cafe". He did it with light heart and mind, jumps were good and clean (btw in a finale he both times challenged 3Lo with-hands-in-your pocket, must be some new feature, step-out in the first show, fell in the second). My favourite Tatsuki's progs are those that he created by himself like Byakuyako or this one. He skates like he did the choreo just now, so natural and easy it looked.
Oda skated Tango, did a bunch of jumps in two shows 3T, 3Lo, 3Z, 3F, 3S (step out in the 1st show). In the Finale he tried 3A both times, 1st show- step-out and a turn, 2nd show- almost clean, a little shaky. He had really good time with fans, in the 1st show at fan-time they basically pulled him out from the backstage screaming "Oda-kun! Oda-kun!", so he had to go back to the ice again.

Daisuke. In the opening they with Miki did a Russian split jump. In a finale- he did 3Z, a split-jump like in the Beatles and a combo-spin. He skated "Kissing you" both shows, did 3T, 3F (step-out in the first show), steps, combo-spin, etc. What an expression! Especially in the second show, he was a little reserved in the first one. But in the second he was just blooming with happiness. I suspect that the communicaton with fans in the first show added a good deal of energy and confidence in him. Showers of flowers and gifts, followed by thousands of caring and loving words. Btw, in the second show when he was in the final pose sending a kiss to the imaginary Lady, from the side he was facing some hysterical scream thundered the air, embarrassing our shy Dai))). On the other hand, what they with Miyamoto were thinking making such a gesture, sooner or later somebody would surely crack. Lol.
His hair is like a conductor's stick orchestra-ing his dynamic body. After the first show I told him that figure skating is boring without him. He reacted with warm smile and soft laugh. I also thanked him for Sochi performance and said that he got a lot of new fans after the Olympics. In the second- I simply wished him health and get better.

Dai with fans:

To Daisuke Takahashi on his birthday, March 16th 2014
sochi, olympics
Dear Daisuke,

I was a little surprised with your words in your recent interview where you said that if you had finished your career in Vancouver, you woudn't have to deal with "finishing it at the lowest place among Japanese men" like it happened in Sochi. I personally think that you developed greatly as a skater AFTER Vancouver, in both artistism and manly sophistication. You grew up considerably in your career and won tons of hearts in fandom during 2011-2014. And, I assure you, you are the only skater, either among Russian or foreign ones, who is never critisized or spoken about in mean manner in RuNet (Russian-speaking Internet pages), which itself is something incredible. You are great. That is all. So many people love, adore you and wish you all the best that the life can give to a person. Get better in your health, take care and come back to us when you are ready. Figure skating is dull and empty without you. Happy bithday! And big Thank you.

Kind regards,

@let`s talk

Threat of banning from Mao forum moderator for defending Mao and Adelina's win in Sochi
sochi, olympics
That is what I got from Mao Fan Forum moderator klarification:

From: klarification
To: let`s talk
Posted: Yesterday at 10:38 pm
Subject: PM Quote message
let's talk, I suggested that we do a PM in case something's troubling you but:

Quote :

I have no reason to PM you since you insulted me twice on public page and not via PM.

Well okay. That's a nice start. When did I insult you? Here were my posts:

Quote :

Um, I don't think you should say things like that to a fellow forum member just because s/he's a fan of another skater. Mao just had the FS of a lifetime and moved everyone –Yuna fans included- with an awe-inspiring skate. Can't we forget about this rivalry and move on?

Quote :

let`s talk, we can agree to disagree but your passive aggressiveness against everyone who praises Yuna just makes me Suspect . Sorry to disappoint you though, but I am neither from GS nor a Yuna bot. Thank you for the gala links, though.

So exactly where did I insult you? Compare to what you wrote about me:

Quote :

And you are like what? Some democratically elected representative to speak for the whole fs community? What is your source anyway? GoldenSkate?

I don't even go there sheesh.

Quote :

Knowing in advance your tendency to come with moral lectures to "fellow forum members" on who should say what, my reply is- look at the mirror. When you come with flaming trolling post, throwing slogans with no argument whatsoever, be ready to get the fair reply

I'm a mod and when I see something wrong, I have to act on it.

Quote :

Go ahead and do it by praising her skating, without tabloid trash talk, Putin-gossips and your arrogant speaking for the whole fs community when you are clearly not in the position to do so. And, which is more important, without insulting forum members by putting the words in their mouths that they didn't say. It has no dignity. And it doesn't work.

And now you say I'm arrogant and that I am making misconstrued comments about members.

So between the two of us, who's throwing the mud like a toddler in a public page?   flower

But enough about that, a few things I would have to address with regards to my post WITHOUT SPAMMING THE FORUM WITH UNJUSTIFIED REMARKS

Quote :

What is your source anyway? GoldenSkate?

Boohoo. Again, I don't go there. But if you insist:

Quote :

○Olympics Researcher at NBC, Alex Goldberger tweeted, “Adelina Sotnikova was excellent tonight, but Kim Yuna was robbed.”

○Katarina Witt (German Figure Skater) “Shame Gold Medal, Yuna Kim should have won."
○CBC Commentary: “That’s a shock…Did you see that coming” (of Sotnikova winning) "Well I think I saw a medal coming, I’m just not sure we thought it was going to be that one” ”As caught up in the moment as I was… I’m still stuck on quality of skating that Yuna Kim has, and the moments where you see jarring images during Sotnikova that she’s not ready yet …The judges have their job and I really look forward to looking at it again so I can see it with fresh eyes but yes I am sitting here a little stunned."
○Bil Plaschke (LA Sports Columnist) tweeted:

○Kurt Browning (A four-time world champion who commented for the Canadian television) mentioned in the NY Times Article: ‘“I don’t know, guys,” Browning said, just a few minutes after being oh-so-sure that Kim Yu-na was the winner of the women’s figure skating competition at the Sochi Olympics, and that she easily had beaten Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova. “I just couldn’t see how Yu-na and Sotnikova were so close in the components,” he said. “I was shocked. What, suddenly, she just became a better skater overnight? I don’t know what happened. I’m still trying to figure it out.” Browning and two of his colleagues continued to pore over the judging details, looking at sheets of dozens of numbers representing things like base values and GOEs (that would be grades of execution, of course) and each anonymous judge’s scores. If Browning, a former Olympic figure skater who remains involved with the sport, couldn’t pinpoint why Sotnikova had just pulled off a major upset of the 2010 Olympic champion, how could fans and television viewers be expected to understand what happened?’
○Ollie Williams (An Olympics Sports Reporter for BBC Reporting from Sochi):

○"It’s sad that I just presumed Sotnikova was going to get a boost (in points) because this was in Russia," former U.S. Olympic figure skating coach Audrey Weisiger said in a phone interview. "Isn’t it sad that I automatically thought that? Not one person in skating I’ve talked to said that’s the way it should have gone."

Note that I said in my original post:

Quote :

Most of the people in the figure skating community strongly insist that the gold should have been given to Yuna.

Definitely not ALL because I don't agree they should just hand it to Yuna in a silver platter. And this was my next statement:

Quote :

However, I believe that instead of campaigning for OGM to be 'surrendered back' to her, a thorough review and examination should be done instead after this season to improve the current system.

Ooh but of course you have to ignore that huh? Wink

Quote :

Having PCS "near the veterans" is not the point for a constructive opponent who wants to be taken seriously. Veterans can skate "wooden" forever, and the youngests can be simply talented. Giving higher PCS just because you are a veneran is what called "reputation judging", i.e. the cheat that this sport is highly criticized for. Odd to see how you are advocating to fight with what you see "unfair" by offering the cheat.

I give you that one. I worded incorrectly. But funny how you point out 'constructive opponent'. I didn't know we were in a debate! Laughing Anyway, what I meant to say was, having PCS anywhere near the veterans who skated CLEANLY is a joke. Do you honestly believe that Adelina was 51.29 points better than she was 2 months ago? She got 173.30 there, just to remind you. Answer yes, and it's like believing that Yuna should have been awarded that 150 for her FS in Vancouver when she was about 133 the last time she made a world record.

Quote :

The only one who can be surely called " a victim" is Carolina. She should have been given silver, that Yuna got thanks to your "fair" reputation judging. Or Caro could have got Gold if she added at least one technical advantage over Adelina.

I would have loved for Caro to win honestly.

Quote :

First time you twisted my words as "you say things like that to a fellow forum member just because s/he's a fan of another skater". When in fact the things were said to Genie's post "I read somewhere that Putin told the President of the Russian Skating Federation that'll it'll be nice if they win gold in figure skating after the horrible collapse of the Russian hockey team". Where do you read "Yuna" in her tabloid gossip trash on which I replied?

Nowhere. But to remind you:

let`s talk wrote:

☆Genie wrote:

I read somewhere that Puntin told the President of the Russian Skating Federation that'll it'll be nice if they win gold in figure skating after the horrible collapse of the Russian hockey team. Shady business....

You forgot to mention that the same tabloid of yours mentioned that Lakernik, Putin&Co. had a sauna together. Any news on offshore accounts? lol!

Quote :

I feel bad for Sotnikova. She will have this cloud of shadiness, doubt, and cheating hanging over her head for the rest of her career.

Relax, she won't geek . I am more worried for some Yuna fans like you, with your clouds of jealousy, meanness and greed towards the skater. Keep in mind that Mao for years had been the targets of exactly the SAME attacks from Yuna fans like you are pathetically trying to send on Adelina now. Double standards much? You don't have to answer of course. Sleep

Quote :

God help her if she ever decides to skate in Korea.

Oh.. sounds scary affraid  . You mean the crowd will throw sunflower seeds on ice, boo her or assisinate Escape ?  Or you mean judges will judge unfairly to prefer someone else over Adelina's better skate? Then why are you crying over unfair judgement NOW? Just because it's not in favor of YOUR skater? That's hypocricy. Seriously, posting such things on MAO fans' board, you make all Mao fans look bad and insane, which is not the case Bad idea!. You can use your private twitter for that.  Bye Wub .

You were the first to mention Yuna, remember? And you just assumed the member was a Yuna fan. Razz

Quote :

Funny to see how I am having deja vu here. I used to deal with exactly the same tricks of Yunabots repeately on GS when I was defending Mao: flaming, trash gossips talks, twisting users' words, putting "=" sign between critisizing Yuna and critisizing posters, blah-blah. Now I am having the same issue here where I am defending Adelina's win. And somehow, I am automatically a bad guy.

Yeah, you hate GS but you go there. You refuse to do a PM and attack the moderators who are trying to be polite to you. Cool story, bro. Cool


I would be honest with you: While we appreciate you being active in the forum, do you honestly believe Mao wants a fan who acts like a bot or a troll? Because that's what you're doing.

polosatik and Genie would ban you the next time you make an unprovoked attack against other members (Genie, polosatik, MaoApple, even PochinkoPotanko in the past). You've got to know where to cross the line, okay? And as much as we respect you opinion, it is getting harder to ignore you when all you do is react aggressively.

You don't want to be treated like a villain so stop acting like one.

Finally, I wish you a good day. Daisies for you

My reply on it:

From: let`s talk
To: klarification
Posted: Today at 4:59 am
Subject: Re: PM Edit message

klarification wrote:

When did I insult you?

Sorry to hear that in your world lying about people, for example putting words in their mouth, like you with Polosatik did to me, is not considered "insult". In all civilized worlds it does. That is why they have the civil law of non-material values, like honor, dignity and reputation. Once again- you wish to address me, quote MY words. I asked you twice where I "attacked" anyone just for saying "Yuna is great" and for being a Yuna fan? Naturally you failed to give an answer on the thread and you failed to do it now. Laughing off Putin-gosspis that Genie brought is what decent people like me do- they laugh off all gossips. As well as:

Quote :

Most of the people in the figure skating community strongly insist that the gold should have been given to Yuna.
Definitely not ALL because I don't agree they should just hand it to Yuna in a silver platter.

Speaking for the whole fs community when you have NO source to provide the votes as "MOST" is trolling. You did it on the thread, you are doing it now as well. I too can collect the same stuff from twitter and other sources of people who think that Adelina won fair and square. But even in this case I will NEVER speak for the MOST of FS community which includes fans, i.e. myself as well. Do NOT speak for me. It's insulting and arrogant. Next time as the word "Many" instead of "Most".

Quote :

You refuse to do a PM and attack the moderators who are trying to be polite to you.

Laughing Polite? Thanks for the laugh. You insulted me repeatedly on the thread. And instead of appologizing, you came to PM with even nastier message.  And you call it "polite". Cool story, bro. You are acting like a rude and aggressive bully and not as a moderator. Guess what- I am not the only one who knows that. Posters have PM button too. Not you only. You are not popular here. Therefore:

Quote :

do you honestly believe Mao wants a fan who acts like a bot or a troll?

Yes, what Mao truly needs is devoted fans like me, and not some imposters advocating for Queen Yuna and ready to bully anyone, like you are doing now to me, who dare to disagree. You are the one who is acting like a bot and a troll, with your trolling, bullying and insulting posters. And this message of yours is just one more extra prove that you yourself provided.

Quote :

polosatik and Genie would ban you the next time

lol! Excuse me? Do they even know that you dragged their names here? Or you mean you are the one who tell them to ban whom and to do what? Hey, why don't you do dirty job that you started yourself, without dragging other people's names? Anyway, you gave me no choice. As a decent person who follows the law, when the third party is involved, he/she must be notified. They are. And not they only. It's all out there. Banning on Mao fan board for defending Adelina's win against Yuna's fan-moderator is a public matter, not a private one. The fs community has the right to be informed. With great pleasure, I did my communuty service and executed this right.


Two others got the same message.

Unread message default Re: PM klarification Today at 4:59 am <input ... >
Unread message default Re: PM Genie Today at 4:59 am <input ... >
Unread message default Re: PM polosatik Today at 4:59 am <input ... >

GoldenSkate mods practising posters' identity theft. Read before to register there.
sochi, olympics
Done by dorispulaski and 'sealed' by Mathman.

Krislite: "Seems "talk" is a dangerous word to have in your username. Previous member who got banned was "Let's Talk". Granted, they behaved similarly, so maybe it's not a coincidence... "

EricRohmer: "Has dorispulaski not ever said lately that double IDs are not allowed in GS? (I heard that mods can see user's IP address.)
This might be a reason AYDIT is banned. Of course might not."

dorispulaski: "Guys, Please don't beat on AYDIT now that he is banned. He can't answer back. It's not sporting.

And Yes, pseuds ( multiple ids) are not legal at GS."

Mathman: "Questions and suggestions about the administration of the board should go in the Feedback folder. I will move this thread there now for people who want to continue this discussion.

Again, no fair to post adverse criticism of a banned member who cannot post in his own defense."


Reading this ^ a person might interprete things that that the account AllYouDoIsTalk was banned for being a pseud of a previously banned member let`s talk (i.e. me). That is what happened. The banning of the poster LT caused an unexpected discussion that GS mods were not ready to deal with http://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?41083-Plushenko-plans-to-compete-in-team-amp-individual-events-in-Sochi&p=750308&viewfull=1#post750308 http://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?38503-Evgeni-Plushenko&p=749101&viewfull=1#post749101 . Later the poster AllYouDoIsTalk got banned and the mods immediately became the object of mocking: http://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?42566-Why-Julia-will-win-Olympic-Gold&p=789451&viewfull=1#post789451 . Beaing twice in a row laughed off is not what GS moderation ever dealt with in the past. The idea of one of Yunabots (Krislite), who are well known for their stupidity and cheat, started looking like a "safe" escape for GS mods. Therefore dorispulaski presented her 'pseud' reply and then Mathman buried the thread into Feedback. End of story.

AllYouDoIsTalk wasn't let`s talk. Identity theft is never lawful, even if 7 figures is not involved (lesser is not worthy to bother with legal actions against GS owners). Nevertheless for some people it can actually mean something. This warning is for them. If you are ready to deal with your identity being compromised by GS mods, go ahead. If not, think twice before to register. You are trusting the certain private information to GS mods (they indeed can see IP addresses afterall) that they can lie about later for saving their own image. Consider that you are banned, you can't reply, plus GS is registered in the USA where defamation law works reverse compared to Europe (you will have to prove that the told things are lie and not GS owners- that they are true), and in many cases you are located on a different continent. In other words- don't whine later that you were not warned. Because you were, by me. My community service is done. The rest is up to you.

I replied to dorispulaski via twitter, who followed me there after I got banned, obviously in order to keep track on useful info/links/etc.

"@dorispulaski GS mods can't ban someone without looking stupid"

"@dorispulaski Therefore you chose to lie implying that AYDIT is a pseud of LT which is as you well know not true."

"@dorispulaski Moreover, you hypocritically asked others for sporting while yourself libeling two people who couldn't defend themselves."

"@dorispulaski At the end of the day you turned out to be the same coward and liar as Mathman&Yunabots. Bye. Blocked."

That is all.


let`s talk

Daisuke Takahashi SP "Sonatina". Friends on Ice 2013.
sochi, olympics

In the opening Dai was in VAS costume, the idea was more than 'fun' for that Disco routine. Actually he was funning around all day, dancing near the exit from the backstage, chatting with everyone, etc. In the opening he did 3T and two Russian split jumps in a row. Then he showed up in collaboration with Tamura and Ilya in the' Another Orion' grey shirt. The number was some comedy where Tamura was in pajamas and Ilya with Dai were miming some ballet routine. They all did 3T and 2A. In the "Present" part this time Dai and Honda were acting as Shizuka's helpers. Dai was pretending to be a magician in all that fun.

The second half started with Olympic Medley where Dai skated the last part of Eye, starting from the circular steps, in the original costume. HOT!
Then he showed up to present his new SP Sonatina. Except that both pieces are classical music, I don't see anything in common between MS and new SP. MS was a sophisticated tribute to Royal Opera House where Dai was a ballet dancer on the luxury stage. Sonatina is a pain of an artist who is looking for the right solution for his painting because he doesn't feel satisfied. It's a tribute to Creation and Art. This suffer and tense of an artist goes through all SP and leaves no empty second for Dai. The costume has quite different impression than MS's one. The color black in torso part is very strong, deep black. The left sleeve is not 'fixed', therefore it's up and down every time Dai moves his hands, which he does a lot and beautifully, catching your eyes, and the deep black in torso makes the whole impression even stronger. This SP will hit the abnormal record of views on youtube when it goes public, especially in competitions. Tonight he went for 4T, ended up with 3T and two-footed. On 3A the hand indeed went very low but I think he didn't touch the ice, was just a little close to that though. The 3Z was out of nowhere and went into steps right after. But Dai looked not really satisfied with himself when he finished skating. The prog technically is quite a challenge. Emotionally and artistically- it will go to 'History of FS' books.
In a finale Dai with Kozuka did a jump together and both fell. In that silly finale it looked "right on spot". Lol.

Tomorrow I will go to the evening show. Videos are not allowed, so I could film only ikebanas in the lobby and arena. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWI5PT-yr-Y


I wasn't available for the afternoon show today, but probably this performance ^ made him change the jump layout in the evening show, the one that I attended. He didn't do a quad, he did 3F from steps instead, light and easy. His 3A (yeah, trixel) was done with the similar mistake that he made last night- one hand down, then 3Lutz clean. His final spin was better performed then yesterday, where he almost stopped after changing the position but then regained the speed again. Tonight it was fine, yet the speed went down at some point. All the rest is the same in terms of emotions and presentation. He looked quite fine after the performance. Actually he looks fine non-stop there, having fun and enjoying the kick. Probably he doesn't take it seriosuly and simply wants to enjoy bounce FrOI as the last day of summer before the Olympic season. sunny .
In other stuff like collaboration and finale he with other guys did the set jumps of 3T and 2A. In the opening he again did two Russian split jumps in a row. They are huge! drunken
But his hair is awful affraid. I hate his hair dresser! No

Tomorrow I will go to both shows. geek


In the afternoon show's Opening Dai did two Russian splits in a row, as usual, then singled his flip and then performed it right from the next stroke following. The whole "singled" part started looking like "I am just kidding." I know he wasn't but that episode suited his relaxed spirit just perfectly.

There were TV cameras in all shows. I hope that 'often-being-stupid' television will broadcast THIS performance of Sonatina. As good as ready for Olympics. 4T had a slight touch of the second toe though, but all the rest was flawless, including 3A. Such a deep sinking into the inner world of feeling and pain of creative Soul, where he took everyone in. Crazy ovation! And he looked very pleased with himself as well. bom

Today I found the reason why I called the Finale 'silly'- it was choreographed by Bourne (all other stuff was done by Miyamoto, except Ladies' collaboration- done by Sato). I was in the North today's afternoon, where Dai was parading his hairy armpits very closely. Dude, they are naughty! No way I would want to touch them (plus they were probably sweaty...). But his biceps is another story. drunken drunken drunken

In the evening show's Opening he again did two Russian splits and then 3F and 3T in a row, looking like "I am going to rock tonight." Yet in Sonatina the quad was downgraded, two-footed and both hands on ice, he almost fell but saved it. The rest part of SP was with no mistakes, the spins were a little slower though. But he didn't look that much disappointed. In general I had a feeling that a good deal of his mistakes (if not all) came from being less focused and simply having fun all around. Not a big deal afterall. He's gonna have an Olympic season, and the last one in his competitive career. Why not to feel just a little relaxed and funny in his almost personal show before the last final lap. cheers

Thanks to all skaters and to Dai for the great work you did. I was having fun too! Enjoy the last days of summer and Go!

Show reports. Where to find.
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Due to the reaction on GoldenSkate regarding my banning: http://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?41083-Plushenko-plans-to-compete-in-team-amp-individual-events-in-Sochi&p=750308&viewfull=1#post750308 http://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?38503-Evgeni-Plushenko&p=749101&viewfull=1#post749101 , all show reports on sports.ru from now on will be bilingual, i.e. in both, Russian and English. I tried to post the link to the site on GS today but got automatically banned as the first post can't contain the link: http://twitpic.com/d21ap4 . Text:

"What a party. I thought Chan ubers and Yunabots will be celebrating LT banning that they were seeking for so long. Instead of that I read lame trash talk about my persona and losers' trolling that critisizing skaters, CoP and ISU equals to personal insults. These folks don't even know how to kick it out. No champagne, no caviar... oh. Never mind.
First, to all supporters and those who wrote good words about me- I really didn't expect such a reaction. I am sure neither did admins/mods. I don't remember that a banning of a poster ever caused any discussion. Not this time. Of course I am flattered and grateful to you all. As for fair/unfairthing, aggressive trolls that were never banned, etc. talks, take my advice and don't give a crap. It's a private site and the way how admins/mods run it is the reflection of their perosnalities. They are just mortal humans who have their favourite skaters and fandoms.
The only valid argument is that the certain source of information is gone now. People have the right to access the information. And I feel responsible now, that's why here I am to give you a couple of links. All major skaters, like Plu, Dai, Mao, Yuzu, they all have fan boards, where the info is provided much faster and in more details, by myself including, and I assure you no one ever tells you there that you should treat folks as if they are ill and suffering ISU VIPs. Lol. On the contrary, you will be welcomed if you come with life-enchanting and genki approach. Links to shows, lifestreams, etc. I always provide on twitter. As for show reports, since now you'll find them on our blog sports.ru. I said "our" because it's not my personal blog, I don't have any. The founder is an ex- ice hockey player of Russian Premier League, I am one of the authors. I used to write there only in Russian. But the idea to make it bilingual was in my head for quite sometime. Sports.ru is one of the biggest portal in the Net with 550K users. Not a surprise that I sometimes found the links to my stuff in the places where I didn't expect to find it at all, like on Korean twitter feeds. Having it in English as well will make it easier for readers. And I am sure the blog founder won't mind. Besides, the blog has more options, like inserting pics, videos, etc., that are  ot available here: http://www.sports.ru/tribuna/blogs/fsledlife/458522.html. Of course if you want to ask something or comment, you will have to register, but it'll take you a couple of seconds. The nearest show report will be this coming weekend about PIW. Just follow the link and that is all: http://www.sports.ru/tribuna/blogs/fsledlife/ ."

Figure Skating Shows in Japan. Spring-Summer 2013.
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Art on Ice.

I went to the evening show. There were two pairs of acroboats Besedin/Polishuk and air acrobats Chesna/Chesna. I saw the first guys last time something like 10 years ago or somesuch. They were then doing Swan as well. But for a reason- this show number indeed is a true crowd pleaser full of life and enjoyment. Chesnas were scary. They don't use any security. And considering that they do their tricks 5-10 meters above the ice, well... Beautiful number on 'Nutcracker' and the audience enjoyed it a lot as well. Gev is just some break dancer, off ice and on ice. There is no figure skating. Miyu Honda was "warming up" the audience before ths show started. She landed 2L and 1A, did very good bielmann. Little charming cutie.

Pechalat/Bourzat skated 'Dirty Dancing' in the first half, were quite dull, especially him. In the second half they did the collaboration with Fujii and that boring ballad somehow inspired life in their routine-like performance. Savchenko/Szolkowy skated Morricone in the first half, in the second one- some supposedly entertaining stuff. I lost the account of how many times they did 2A throw jump, obviously targeting 3A. Sooner or later it became non-interesting to look at their efforts, especially because the lack of 3A is the least of their concerns. There is simply no Pair, no Two and no passion/chemistry/whatever in their progs. Robin is just a skating body who clearly wants to retire a.s.a.p.
VolTran in the first half skated collaboration with Jenkins. I am absolutely not a fan of any vocals, any singers in ice shows. Life orchestra is fine. But nothing more please. Singers, stage dancers, music clips on huge screens is just one big distruction for the audience and for the skaters as well. Tanya with Max did good lifts, a death spiral, on a throw jump she touched the ice with both hands and fell on a knee. I still thinks that Max throws her too high sometimes. In the second half they skated their EX in a gorgeous haute couture outfit. They did double twist, their lifts, and good clean 3Loop throw jump. The number was like one whole stream of beauty, emotions and elegance.

Sarah can jump only 2A now, sometimes 1A, she doesn't possess any other jump. Well, at least she possesses one. Miki possesses zero. She skated with Jenkins "Amazing Grace" in the first half and then "Bolero" in the second. Did a couple of spins of 1-2 level and then she was just stroking around the ice. I don't believe that the skater who doesn't perform any jumps can seriously consider to go to Olympics. Arakawa was as usual, no matter what music is playing, she is skating her ice princess set. She fell on 3S once, in a finale she challenged combo 3T-3T but the second jump was downgraded and two-footed.
Suzuki was opening the solo numbers in the show. She presented her new EX, the dress didn't look that awful as in that FB pic. The color is strong, the top is sligtly heavy perharps but doesn't spoil the general impression much. She did 2A, 3S was with second toe touch. The music and her skating was dramatic and very sensual, hit each note really well, especially in sequeces and footwork.

Mura in the opening did 3L, 3S, quite confident and solid. In his collaboration with Fujii he fell on 3A but then did it well in a finale. He also tried a quad but singled it. Yuzu skated in the first half that lousy Blues that exposed the negative sides of his posture instead of hiding them. He fell on the opening quad, landed 3A and 3Z-3T successfully. In the second half he had a collaboration with Fujii too. What an idiot designed that blouse for him? It's not a male shirt. It's a female blouse, compared to which PChan's shirt for SP looks like a parade of masculinity. Obasan surely liked it with their "kawaii". As if he shouldn't mature and should stay girlishly looking boy to please their weird taste. Stupid women. Yuzu did 3S (planned 4S maybe), then fell on 3A. He looked quite slow and sweaty at the end. Fujii's balads are unbearable yawn-ish crap. There is not so much to expect from any skater in terms of PCS. In a finale Yuzu landed 3A clean. Then he did 4T well but he sat a little too deep, still he went for a sequence and added 3A after 4T but had a step-out, two hands on the ice and a knee too, i.e. counts as a fall. In general his body is the same, with weak muscles and round-shouldered posture. He requires a special care, with a nutricion that makes his muscles and skeleton look stronger and actually be stronger. As well as choreo classes. But nobody cares. His only coach who did care was taken away from him and his current dude looks at him at as a paycheck. Basically Yuzu is alone.

Stephane skated collaboration with Jenkins "Bring me to life" in the first half, in the second- "A Chorus to life". He doesn't jump much anymore, besides 3T and 2Z. In a finale he did a combo 3T-3T and challnged a quad 4T, landed it with under-rotation and a step-out. Still seems like not that bad for a retired skater. I mean kicking quads around, even not super clean ones. His spins are all their and didn't get any worse. As well as his musicality, connection to the audience and catching the character of the tune. He is slightly heavier in skating than Dai, and not that seducing in terms of pasison on the ice. But nevertheless Steph is a diamond in figure skating history, the place that he took fair and square.

Dai was skating the last and showed up in gray, so uncommon color for him. The shadow is similar to silverish details in his Moonlight Sonata costume. Dai can pull any music. Unless you ask him to pull the stuff which level of art is below zero. Then you see how much not enough art in that pop crap. Because you have a chance to compare the artist Dai with some silly pop song. On the entrance into 3A his blades swung a little, probably a crack on the ice or whatever. He kept going and did 3A with his terrifically beautiful and high position in the air. He touched the ice with his hand though, that tiny accident on the entrance might have caused it, or not. Then he did 3F well. But the highest jump of the night from him was Russian split jump. It wasn't just high but also the way how he landed it- not on a foot in the same direction but he turned in the air and landed it on the opposite blade. I haven't seen this trick from him much before. Then his footwork and steps that don't need any commments. In a finale he did 3F again and tried a quad but fell. He was quite in a cheerfull mood in general and it was nice to see that knowing how much down he looked at PIW just a month ago.

AOI is much more expensive, luxury and sophisticated show compared to SOI. It's like a fancy restaurant after McDonalds. Even Jenkins and Fujii couldn't spoil all the fun. The show will be broadcasted next weekend, have no idea what show exactly. Then vids will show up on youtube I am sure.


Prince Ice World.

Day 3

PIW corps de ballet can't stop surprising me. Yesterday Soshi Tanaka did 3A, with a little step out though. But how about the fact itself that the skater who retired 11 years ago and who never won anything at senior level, challenged the element of major difficulty in shows. Maybe this will help some people to finally understand why I look down at a so-called WC who takes it lazy both in shows and competitions, knowing that why to bother if everything is granted in advance.

In the morning show Kanako again had a step out on 3Z and did 3S with no combo. In a finale she did 2S as a "warm up", then 3S. In the afternoon she fell on 3Z, did her combo 3S-2Lo-2Lo very well. In a finale she did 2S, then again her brand combo 3S-2Lo-2Lo. Her spins are a little slower and the posture got worse. I am not sure if it's just her dress or she got slightly bigger. She told fans that her study at the university is rather "taihen" but she is managing. Akiko in the morning skated her EX "The Unmbrellas of Cherbourg" and in the afternoon she had a collaboration with a violinist Furusawa for her "Lavender" EX. Her "Lavender" was rather well done. In both shows she went for a safer route of 2A and 3S, this time with no falls. Shizuka was as usual, with the difference that in the afternoon show, where she skated her cyber "Swan", she added 2T to her 2A.

Takeshi had a good day and skated clean in both shows, demonstrating once again his high and powerful jumps of Plu&Yag era. In the afternoon finale he challanged 3A, with step out. Sasaki was having fun all around, did both 3Z and 3F with tano, didn't succeed in 3A (fell). Tatsuki was awfully perfect again in the afternoon. He was perfect in all 6 six shows that I attended. The only mistake he did was yesterday morning- a step out on 3F. Also, his blade hit smth. while he was entering 3Z from the spiral, so he couldn't do the jump because there was a railing already and he had to turn, then the timing was missing and he had to do the elements that were assigned with the music. I know about 3Z because I saw 4 shows previously, so I know that the jump must be there. Those who hadn't seen his EX before, didn't notice that one jump was missing, so flawlessly he did that switch. In the morning finale he did that 3Z from the spiral, giving a chance to people to see that nice entrance into the jump. In the afternoon finale he did 3A twice, one after another. His spins are so fast and light. He does feel very comfortable in his new EX that he choreographed himself, knowing very well his likes and strengths. Mura also had a good day with his clean performance in both shows, with the set of 3F, 3Z, 3S and his brand wow 3A. He challenged a quad in both finales and did it but touched the ice with the second toe a little. Overall, good work in the shows, Tatsuki and newly-wedded Mura-kun!

Daisuke skated Moonlight Sonata in the morning and again like on the previous day was absolutely flawless in his magnificent performance. He did 3F, 3L, his fabulous 3A, fast spins and emotional steps where each beat of music matters. In the afternoon he chose to skate Stroll, which was absolutely the right decision to close the show session with this sparkling prog. Like a glass of champagne. He showed us once again what an artistic and versatile skater he is- three different progs in 4 shows, and all in different characters. He skated the original version of Stroll, the one that he showed in FrOI in August. Did all elemets clean except that 3A was slightly two-footed. He also challenged a quad in a finale but didn't succeed, downgraded it and two-footed in the morning and fell in the afternoon. I first thought that it might be the general physical tiredness that makes him be perfect in the morning shows because he is simply fresher. Or maybe Moonlight Sonata is better designed for Dai by Morozov, so he blends in it harmonically. Dai did look down though, either due to being physically or emotionally or both exhausted. And judging by twitter I wasn't the only one who noticed that. I hope he WILL find the time to take a break over summer to kick that fatigue away. PLEASE, DAI!!! So many people love you and wish you all the best that the life can bring. He is truly worshiped and adored by his tasteful fans, and not without the reasons.

I updated vids and pics, the same channel, the same album (see my previous posts here for the links).

BIG THANKS to PIW Team and guest skaters for all great work you did!!! I was having a wonderful time and see you all in July!

Day 2

PIW are too good to skate locally. Have no idea why they don't tour internationally. Besides the stuff that I wrote in the previous post, Nanri this afternoon did 3A and did so easily, as a matter of fact.

Kanako in the morning show did 3Z with step out, on 3S she had an unsecure landing, so she didn't add a combo jump. In the afternoon she did 3Z with step out and one hand touched the ice. Her traditional combo 3S-2Lo-2Lo was good. She tried to skate like a grown-up and mature. Her technical set for PIW shows is the most difficult one followed by Mao (wasn't on the cast today). Akiko on the other hand chose the safest route a la Arakawa, of 3S and 2A and messed up, big or small, in all 4 shows that I have seen by now. This morning she had a shaky landing on 3S, 2A was okay. In the afternoon she did 3S and had a step out on 2A. Again steps out in a finale.
Takeshi skated very well his EX with 3T and 3S, powerful eagle, expressiveness and confidence of charm. In a finale he challeneged a combo, in the morning the second jump was 2T only, in the afternoont he added 3T but it was ur and with step out. Never mind. He retired years ago. Sasaki was a crowd pleaser himself, full of joy and optimism. In the afternoon show he skated a different EX, where he makes fun of high school boys and girls. The girls' part was super extravagant, with a spiral and a bielmann spiral backwards, then a layback spin, etc. No need to say how he entertained the audience. He did 3F shaky and a good 3Z tano in the morning. In the afternoon 3Z tano was with step out. In both finale he tried 3A but fell.

Tatsuki again went practically clean in both shows. In the morning all jump passes were perfect: 3F, 3A, 3S, 3L from a spiral. In the afternoon he had a little deep sit on 3A but not that much. The prog is so beautiful that I was almost sure that Steph somehow was involved. Guess what. When I asked Tatsuki who choreographed this new EX, he said him (!), himself. Alone with no one's help. I was like "eek!" and had to re-ask. And he said yes, that's all him. Maybe Daisuke should ask Tatsuki to choreo his new progs?
Mura presented his new EX in a shirt that he obviously borrowed from Kozuka's closet. The music choice is rather heavy for galas, but he went on jumps because that is what he could do better than other stuff. In the morning he did 3T, 3Z, his amazing 3A, fell on 3F, then did 3S. In the afternoon 3A had two hands on the ice and 3Z was with step out. In the finale he did a quad, two-footed. Never mind too. Because he looks so happy, basically shining with happiness when showing his marriage ring: http://twitpic.com/cnv0tn . He also said that his family is expecting a baby girl: Mura-chan.

Daisuke showed up in the dark in the costume that I immediately identified as Moonlight Sonata. But when the music started, the audience, who (myself including) probably didn't expect him skating that SP, exploded into ovation. He didn't fail us and skated awfully well. Did a 3F, a gorgeous 3A and 3L, steps and spins were die for, especially the final footwork, the one that I fell in love with the moment I saw it for the first time. In a finale Dai did a really good combo 3F-3Loop (!), the one that I haven't seen from him for a while. I told him that his MS is a masterpiece and pointed out that so many people love him, and he smiled. So did the happy I. In the afternoon show he skated Tango, spins and steps were as great as usual, as well as 3F and 3L. But he singled his 3A, so did 1A instead. You know how upset he feels when he fails smth., especially in shows. In a finale he went for trixel again but did 2A only, then tried another one almost immediately, rotated 3A but fell terribly painfully. I hope he is okay and wasn't hurt. Dai still looks a little skinny but healthier than in London or even WTT. Still I think that that mistake on axel in the afternoon show might be the result of general tiredness. I ranted again to him that his tango is so passionate and how he can do that I wonder. He made a trickily enigmatical smile but didn't tell his brand secret.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to both shows too! Then the updates will follow.

Day 1

I went to both shows on April 28th. Prince Ice World corps de ballet is keeping its traditional amplua- spike of youth, athletism, devoted presentation and hard work all around. A good deal of male skaters did 3T, 3S and 2A, Nanri did 3Lutz. Which is a set for gala EX of some so-called "world champion" whose name shall not be named here. Their theatrical line is never cheap, i.e. no 50cents T-shirts. Each exit is in a new outfit that they wear for a couple of minutes. This season they had an excursus to the past, as well as looking for the future (last season the theme was Summer Oly in London). Junko is very positive and joyful in her skating, while Ota takes the lyrical part with her amazing spirals and spins. Soshi Tanaka with his Roxanne is some collage of cocky Plu and sensitive Dai (and he actually looks like the one: http://www.princehotels.co.jp/icesho...wt/piwt_21.jpg ) Takeshi knows how to hook me since he again took Italian vocals with their opera flavours. He did 3T and 3S quite solid, his powerful eagle as usual full of masculinity and reserved passion. In the morning show's finale he tried 3T-3T combo but had a big step-out on the second jump. For Shizuka I need to make a paste of "ice-princess music, prety dress, 3S, 2A, ina bauer, spin, posing, end" in order not to type the same stuff again and again. There is no changes in her skating, which means she can't or doesn't want to skate something diffferent. Fiona with Dmitry were the only representatives of "skating in pair", so they could entertain the not-spoilt-by-pairs J-audience easily, with all their pair elements and acrobatic tricks.

Sasaki was all Sasaki: cool, fun and full of electric energy. He did 3Z, 3F tano, in the afternoon show's finale he went for 3A but fell. Akiko has a new hair-style and now looks like a 45yo obasan. She skated ice-princess stuff (Costello's "She") in a white dress, the choreo was probably done for 5 minutes, so conveyor-ish it looked. In the morning she had a shaky landing on 3S and singled her axel. In the afternoon she fell on 3S, did 2A. In a finale she tried 3S again but had a huge step out with both hands on the ice. Kanako skated some black-gold dress a la Disney image with a black scarf, a little heavy image but she tried to be expressive. She did 3Z, her 3S-2Lo-2lo combo, camel spin was not good. In the afternoon she had a step-ut on 3Z, in a finale did 3S clean. In general her attitude was very enjoyable.

Tatsuki presented his new prog, music is the soundtrack for J-TV drama "白夜行" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inTyy05Ra0k He was in a deep-blue top with a crimson glove on one hand. Did everything clean in both shows: 3F, 3L, 3A, 3S (had slightly deep sit in the morning show though), combo spin and spins were really nice, as well as "telling" the story with soft arms and hands. He had a moment when he was shaking a hand similar to Dai's move in "Pagliacci", and he finished the prog lying on the ice with a torso a little up, like Dai in the mid of his "Tango." In general he was very light and really involved in music. Also, the quality of his jumps means that he has a rather serious approach for the next season.

Mao had a really good day. She was like a skating piano music itself in her Chopin's Ballad, with all its sophistication and romantism. In the morning show she did a good 3F, then doubled her loop, then did two 2A, magnificient spirals and spins. Her doubled loop was her only mistake of the day. In a finale she, probably feeling disappointed, did 3Loop again and landed it clean, making the happy face expression like "Yatta!". In the afternoon show she was absolutely clean in all jump passes, then she did 3F in a finale and she probably planned to add the second jump, i.e. make it a combo, but the landing on 3F was perhaps not that solid, so she didn't add the second jump. I told her that her Ballad was a masterpiece but I am not even sure that she could hear me well in all that fanfest all around. I made some videos and pics with fans but no vids/pics do her any justice- it's a known fact that she is much more charming in real life. Also, her hands are very warm, like Dai's hands. As if there's sunshine inside them that makes them be so warm-hearted/handed.

Next time I will go to PIW shows in May 3th and 4th, with Dai and Mura (no Mao). Then updates will follow.

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